OK Autrod 18.22

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OK Autrod 18.22

Continuous solid wire suitable for welding of aluminium alloys with more than 3 % Mg, e.g. AlMg4.5Mn, AlMg5Mn and AlMg5Cr, where high tensile strength is required. Can also be used for materials of type AlMgSiCu and AlSi1MgMn and weldable AlZnMg-alloys, like AlZn4.5Mg1. The welding wire has small additions of Zr which increases the fine grained structure of weld deposit and makes it less sensitive to hot cracking during welding.


Alloy Type: AlMgMn


Typical Tensile Properties
Condition Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
As welded 160 MPa 330 MPa 25 %


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties
Condition Testing Temperature Impact Value
As welded 20 °C 26 J


Typical Wire Composition %
Mn Si Al Cu Mg Ti Zr
0.8 0.06 92.93 0.03 5.8 0.03 0.1


Deposition Data
Diameter Current Voltage
1.2 mm 140-260 A 20-29 V