OK Autrod NiCrMo-4

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OK Autrod NiCrMo-4

OK Autrod NiCrMo-4 is a corrosion and heat resistant, nickel-chromium wire welding of high alloyed steel, heat resistant steel, corrosion resistant steel, 9Ni steels and similar steels with high notch toughness at low temperatures. Good resistance to stress corrosion.

Classifications Wire Electrode: SFA/AWS A5.14:ERNiCrMo-4, EN ISO 18274:S Ni 6276 (NiCr15Mo16Fe6W4)


Typical Wire Composition %
C Mn Si Ni Cr Mo Fe W
0.01 0.45 0.05 Bal. 15.5 16.1 5.8 3.5


Deposition Data
Diameter Current Voltage Wire Feed Speed Deposition Rate
1.0 mm 100-200 A 21-27 V 6-13 m/min 2.5-5.5 kg/h
1.2 mm 160-280 A 24-30 V 6-10 m/min 3.6-6 kg/h