OK Autrod NiCu-7

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OK Autrod NiCu-7

A continuous solid nickel based electrode alloyed with 30% Cu for welding of base materials of the same type. Can also be used to join these alloys to steel. The weld metal has good resistance to flowing seawater and has high strength and toughness over a rather wide temperature range. This alloy also has good resistance to hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, alkalis etc. Can be used for welding of similar types of base materials which are age-hardenable with small additions

of Ti and Al. Usable for cladding on carbon steel with an intermediate layer of OK Autrod Ni-1.


Classifications Wire Electrode: SFA/AWS A5.14:ERNiCu-7, EN ISO 18274:S Ni 4060 (NiCu30Mn3Ti)
Approvals: VdTÜV 12660 (MV), VdTÜV 12668 (FP)

Approvals are based on factory location. Please contact ESAB for more information.


Alloy Type: Alloyed nickel (Ni + 30 % Cu + 2 % Ti + 2 % Fe)


Typical Wire Composition %
C Mn Si Ni Al Cu Fe Nb+Ta Ti
0.03 3 0.3 64 0.03 28 2 < 0.5 2


Deposition Data
Diameter Current Voltage Wire Feed Speed Deposition Rate
1.2 mm 160-280 A 24-30 V 6-10 m/min 3,6-6 kg/h