OK Autrod NiFeCr-1

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OK Autrod NiFeCr-1

OK Autrod NiFeCr-1 is developed for overlay welding of low alloy steel pipes in the oil and gas industry.

OK Autrod NiFeCr-1 can also be used to join 825 and materials of similar chemical composition using GTAW and GMAW.


Classifications Wire Electrode: SFA/AWS A5.14:ERNiFeCr-1, EN ISO 18274:S Ni 8065


Alloy Type: Nickel alloy (22% Fe, 22% Cr, 3% Mo)


Typical Wire Composition %
C Mn Si Ni Cr Mo Cu Fe Ti
0.01 0.5 0.3 bal 21 3.0 2.3 24 0.7


Deposition Data
Diameter Current Voltage Wire Feed Speed Deposition Rate
1.14 mm 130-240 A 22-28 V 6-12 m/min 3-5.7 kg/h