OK Flux 10.07

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OK Flux 10.07

Neutral, agglomerated, nickel- and molybdenium alloying flux, specially designed for strip cladding with a 17Cr-strip, producing a weld metal with 14Cr-4Ni-1Mo and a hardness of 370-420 HB. Can also be used for cladding with a 17Cr-wire producing the same weld metal.


Classifications: EN ISO 14174:S A GS 3 Ni4 Mo1 DC


Welding Current: 1000 A
Slag Type: Calcium silicate SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-(CaF2)
Alloy Transfer: Nickel and molybdenium alloying
Density: nom: 1.0 kg/dm3
Basicity Index: nom: 1.0


Flux Consumption
Volts kg Flux / kg Wire DC+
26 V 0.65 kg
28 V 0.65 kg


Dimensions Amps Travel Speed
60 x 0.5 mm 750 A 7 m/h


Classifications Wire
OK Band 430 14343-A B 17


Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Mn Si Ni Cr Mo
OK Band 430 Current: DC+, 770A, 25V, 22 cm/min
0.05 0.15 0.6 4.0 13.0 1.0