OK NiCu-7

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OK NiCu-7

A nickel-copper electrode for welding NiCu alloys to themselves and to steels and for corrosion-resistant surfacing. The weld metal of OK NiCu-7 is crack resistant and ductile and meets rigorous requirements relating to corrosion resistance in sea water and in reducing and oxidising acids. OK NiCu-7 is used for welding corrosion-resistant monel alloys within the petroleum and ammonium sulphate industry and in power plants.


Classifications: SFA/AWS A5.11:ENiCu-7, EN ISO 14172:E Ni 4060 (NiCu30Mn3Ti)


Welding Current: DC+
Ferrite Content: FN 0
Alloy Type: NiCu-alloy
Coating Type: Basic


Typical Tensile Properties
Condition Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
As welded 410 MPa 640 MPa 40 %


Typical Charpy V-Notch Properties
Condition Testing Temperature Impact Value
As welded 20 °C 100 J
As welded -196 °C 80 J


Typical Weld Metal Analysis %
C Mn Si Ni Cu Fe Ti
0.02 3.0 0.5 66 29 1.9 0.4


Deposition Data
Diameter Current Voltage kg weld metal/ kg electrodes Number of electrodes/kg weld metal Fusion time per electrode at 90% I max Deposition rate 90% I max
2.5 x 300 mm 50-70 A 22 V 0.63 83 45 s 1.0 kg/h
3.2 x 350 mm 70-120 A 26 V 0.63 42 52 s 1.6 kg/h
4.0 x 350 mm 120-140 A 28 V 0.63 28 54 s 2.4 kg/h

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